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Origins of Sports D³

About Us

Origins of Sports D³ & relationship with Smart Sherpas Group

Sports D³ is a trade name used by D-Cubed Ventures, PLC (“D-Cubed Ventures OÜ” Private Liability Company). D-Cubed Ventures, PLC is a European sister company of the US-registered ‘Smart Sherpas Group, LLC’ company, which is specialized in helping established businesses across a range of industries to tokenize their assets and raise capital by harnessing the benefits of fractional ownership rights powered by blockchain, i.e. administer and facilitate regulatory-compliant Security Token Offerings.

The main mandate of ‘Sports D³’ digital assets marketplace is to service the unique needs of the European Sports industry and is powered by STO Platform (www.SportsD3.io) developed by ‘Smart Sherpas Group’. ‘Sports D³’ and ‘Smart Sherpas’ were originated and are led by alumni of Kellogg School of Management, one of the worlds top-ranking Executive MBA programs.

No broker-dealer license or financial intermediary status has been secured as of the date of the last update. ‘Sports D³’ is in the process of submitting applications for several licenses: crypto exchange license,  crypto wallet license and the license to receive the status of financial intermediary, which will provide access to the 28 European member-states and enable ‘Sports D³’ distribution of security tokens, deposit-taking activity, and other regulated financial services.

To review Legal Imprint and contact information of Sports D³ and D-Cubed Ventures, PLC click here.

To learn more about ‘Smart Sherpas Group’ go to www.SmartSherpas.com

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