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About Sports D³

Become part of a better future for the sports industry

Sports D³ mission is to democratize finances in the global sports industry. SD³ is a global marketplace for digital assets in the sports industry, which brings together sports clubs & athletes with millions of their fan-investors around the world.

Sports D³ is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform that helps sports clubs and athletes tokenize their assets: unique content, experiences, and financial instruments by issuing tokens on a blockchain.

SD³-coin is a native utility and payment token which powers the Sports D³ platform and marketplace.

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Presale Details

Maximum supply, Token allocation & Use of funds

Presale Hard Cap — $400,000. Detailed information about tokenomics is provided in the Gitbook Litepaper.

Up to 30% bonuses will be available to Sports D³ token buyers. Presale Announcement terms & conditions are posted on SD3 Medium. To be eligible to participate and receive your $SD3 tokens please register your information using the Whitelist form and remit payment to Sports D³ (D-Cubed Ventures OÜ) Gnosis Safe address. $SD3 tokens with the applicable bonus tokens will only be distributed to registered buyers, who have submitted their whitelisting registration forms indicating their transaction #hash as proof payment.

Payment for $SD3 tokens can be made with ETH, BNB, USDT, USDC, or WBTC (on Ethereum or BSC networks). All transactions are subject to a $25 minimum (see SD3 Medium for details). Purchased tokens will be distributed to buyers as per the following vesting schedule:

  • 25% — 15 days after successful completion of the IDO
  • 25% — 30 days after successful completion of the IDO
  • 25% — 45 days after successful completion of the IDO
  • 25% — 60 days after successful completion of the IDO

The Presale + Bonus $SD3 tokens will be sent either to your ETH/ERC20 or BSC/BEP20 compatible wallet from which you sent your original payment and provided in the Whitelist. Please make sure your wallet is compatible. Use of incorrect wallet/network may result in permanent loss of funds. Recommended wallets are Metamask and Trustwallet.


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