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Investments in Sports.

Digitized. Decentralized. Democratized.

Who we are

Sports D³ mission is to democratize finances in the global sports industry. SD³ is a global marketplace for digital assets in the Sports industry, which brings together sports clubs & athletes with millions of their fan-investors around the world.

Sports D³ platform helps sports clubs and athletes tokenize their assets: unique content, experiences and financial instruments by issuing tokens on a blockchain.


Our mission

#ENABLE sports clubs and athletes to digitize their assets and raise capital through the issuance of Fan-Tokens, NFTs and regulatory-compliant security tokens to the public.
#EMPOWER sports fans’ participation in the sports economy by giving them direct access to their favorite athletes and sports teams.
#CREATE new markets & liquidity through unlocking the potential of Alternative Assets class to the Investors, and leveraging new tools for advanced fan engagement.
#IMPROVE the existing sports industry infrastructure through the use of DLT technology to disintermediate transactions, eliminate existing friction and inefficiencies.

Message from the founder

  • Gene Swinton

    Founder & CEO

“I would like to invite you to take part in this exciting new era, where we will be able to witness an unprecedented shift of value and attention to tokenized financial assets, digital experiences and collectible merchandise & memorabilia.

The fast-growing appetite that fans have globally for these digital assets is already fueling new trends in the sports industry.

The Sports D³ Platform and Marketplace will allow clubs and players to capture these trends by tapping into this massive market to raise alternative capital for their respective needs.”

World Economic Forum:

“10% of global gross domestic product (GDP) will be stored on blockchain technology by 2027”

“Deep Shift Technology Tipping Points and Societal Impact”. September 2015.

State of the industry

Sports Fans. Beyond the Emotions.

4.9 billion sports fans excluded from direct participation in the economic benefits of the global sports industry.


Value of Global
Sports industry
(Billion USD)


number of
Professional Teams
in Top 5 sports


Million Professional
Athletes around
the world


number of
Publicly traded
Professional Teams


“[Tokenization in Sports] is “a growing movement to help non-billionaires buy into a league.”

“Batter up: Institutional investors could soon own your favorite MLB team.” October 18, 2019

State of the industry

Sports Clubs. New Alternatives.

SD³ helps clubs reduce reliance on soft-loans & costly bankers by providing fan-sourced capital to manage operations.




Soft Loans from
clubs' owners as %
of clubs' financing


fees charged by
investment bankers
to raise capital


“Teams’ multibillion-dollar valuations have made it difficult for part-owners — known as limited partners, or LP — to find buyers for their stakes when it’s time to sell. ”

“Investors Get Path to Buy Into Major League Baseball Teams”. October 16, 2019.

State of the industry

European Football Transfer Market.

Clubs use the capital raised from sports fans on the SD³ platform to leverage profits in the transfer market.

SD³ for Euro Transfer Market


of clubs' profit
generated in euro
transfer market


Number of
Pro Football Players
in Europe


Football player
Transfers in EU
every year


European football
Transfer Market Size
(Billion EUR Annually)

PWC ‘Strategy&’:

“[Token Offerings] are quickly replacing traditional VC funding models, effectively cutting out the middle man by allowing companies to raise their own funds directly. Hybrid models combining classic VC & PE funding with [Token Offerings] are also increasingly establishing themselves as a valid funding alternative.”

‘Report on Initial Coin Offerings’. June, 2018.

State of the industry

Fairness for Young Athletes.

86% of student-athletes live in poverty struggling to sustain their living, unable to focus on training.

In 2019 California passed the law to end “NCAA’s archaic and patently unfair rules on “amateurism”.

Sports D³ allows athletes to get paid TODAY in exchange for a small % of their success in the FUTURE.


NCAA revenue
in 2019 (million USD)




(NCAA 2018)


young athletes
who live in poverty


Maximum Agent
Commission Rate
reported by UEFA


NCAA athletes
drafted by Pro Leagues

Gavin Newsom, Governor of California:

Colleges reap billions from student athletes but block them from earning a single dollar. That’s a bankrupt model. I just signed the Fair Play to Pay Act with @KingJames [LeBron James] — making CA the first state to allow student athletes to profit off their name, image, and likeness.

Tweet on September 30, 2019

State of the industry

Pro Athletes. Race Against Time.

Professional athletes require financial competency and discipline to proactively prepare for their post-career stage.

SD³ platform helps athletes to fuel and accelerate their investment or entrepreneurial initiatives.


average career
span (years) in
pro soccer


NFL players file
bankruptcy within
5 years of retirement


average career
span (years) in


NBA players file
bankruptcy within
5 years of retirement


“[Athletes] must understand that they aren’t living off one year’s salary for just a year, like most people do. That one year of big pay often has to last for 60 years. Establishing sustainable long-term spending practices and settling into a manageable lifestyle is of the utmost importance.”

‘Money lessons learned from pro athletes’ financial fouls. May 15, 2018

Future of Sports. Re-imagined.

Take Part in the Egiletarian Initiative.

With 63% of the world population as followers, Sports is trully a #1 "religion".

SD³ is striving to further democratize the sports industry by making it more transparent, fair and inclusive.

We strive to provide every participant in the industry (regardless of their finances, race or geography) with equal access to opportunities by removing friction, costly intermediaries and asymmetries of power.

Gianni Infantino, FIFA President:

“The current framework promotes financial incentives to prevail over the interest and welfare of vulnerable parties such as players, particularly minors,… and allowed a small group of agents to wield influence on players and clubs”

New York Times: “FIFA Report Details Plan to Remake Soccer’s Transfer Market”. September 13, 2018

Real assets. Real currency.

Currency for the Global Sports Industry.

SD³-coin is a native utility and payment token which powers the Sports D³ platform and marketplace.

SD³-coin is a project with a long-term ambition of becoming THE currency for the global sports industry.

PWC report:

“Between now and 2020, alternative assets are expected to grow to $13.6tn in our base case scenario and to $15.3tn in our high case scenario.”

‘Alternative asset management 2020. Fast forward to centre stage’. 2016.


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