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For Clubs & Athletes

Grow fan engagement. Get access to capital.

For Clubs & Athletes

Three ways to raise funds and engage your fans

A 360°-degree solution for all your token issuance needs

According to the research, 80%  of professional football teams and 86% of young and promising athletes are struggling financially.  Sports D³ tokenization platform provides sports clubs and individual athletes with a cheaper, faster and easier way to digitize their assets and offer them for sale to fan-investors in the form of digital tokens in order to generate new streams of funding.

The birth of the innovative DLT technology (a.k.a Blockchain) and smart contract automation enabled an unprecedented level of efficiency when raising funds via the sale of digital assets to their sports fans & investors. Essentially, digital assets on a blockchain are programmable tokens powered by a self-executing smart contract, which can represent fractional ownership rights in a wide range of underlying assets.

We group them into three broad categories:



Security Tokens represent traditional equity or debt issued by an entity of the club or an athlete: shares of a sports club, % ownership in a contract of a professional player, debt financing for objects of sports infrastructure. Security Token Offerings (STOs) are subject to more strict regulations to protect the investors.



Clubs and athletes issuing and selling Fan-Tokens (ERC20) to their fans enable ongoing monetization of fan engagement and loyalty and allow to engage their fans in the decision-making process via Token-holder referendums. A fan sharing in experiences while receiving financial rewards is more loyal than a fan invested only emotionally.



With NFTs (ERC721/ERC1155) clubs & athletes can monetize their unique digital content such as video highlights from the game, commemorative memorabilia, limited edition collectible merchandise, or provide access to unique “E³” digital experiences such as AMA sessions with the favourite player or team, or simply use them as tickets at live events.

Deloitte Consulting:

“[Token Offerings] can be leveraged by corporates to alternatively finance and “spin-off” business ideas … ]”

“ICOs – The New IPOs? How to fund innovation in the crypto age.” 2017.

Our Expertise

Sports D³ was founded by graduates from one of the world’s top-ranking Executive MBA programs. Our growing team is staffed with seasoned executives with 15+ years of experience on average. We will help you navigate through all the preparatory stages of a Token Offering across the following four areas of expertise:

Strategy Review & Advisory

Launching a Token Offering (TO) to your Fan-investors is a major milestone. During the Discovery Phase of our process, we work with a club’s management team or an individual athlete to determine business objectives and evaluate all the alternatives.


While proper planning and execution of a Token Offering take 4-6 months, we will work closely with you to conduct the due diligence process to develop the best strategy for the offering, assess technological requirements, identify price scenarios, test market conditions and determine the criteria to maximize TO potential.

Marketing & Solicitation

On your behalf and with your input, we will design the best marketing strategy, develop key marketing points and create an investor kit for the Token Offering.


For your token sale to get traction, you will be able to leverage our database of fan-investors registered on the Sports D³ platform. Additionally, we will deploy an array of tools and techniques: retain industry influencers, outreach to our network of partners, digital (SEO, PPC & re-targeting), Social Media and email marketing,  generate publicity through PR, facilitate community management, create exposure at the industry events and more to make your Token Offering become a success.

Blockchain & Smart Contracts

Our development teams with competency in DLT technology are located across Eastern Europe. They will work in the background so that you are able to focus on what you do best: your game and your fans!


Our technology experts will able to address your unique requirements, develop custom implementations ranging in complexity from simple token creation to pre-programmed self-executing token distributions, to instant polls and fan-referendums on the blockchain.

Legal & Regulatory

Marketing Token Offerings and sale of digital assets on the blockchain can be subject to a special regime established by regulators in various geographies and must be complied with.


We will collaborate with the club’s management team (or an athlete) to conduct a legal assessment of the project. On your behalf, our advisory team and trusted legal partner(s) in the jurisdiction(s) of the Offering will facilitate the preparation process for the Token Offering, assist with necessary filings (if applicable) with the Regulator(s) to ensure compliance.

Kevin O’Leary:

“Asset-based coins and ICOs will eventually replace small-cap stocks and IPOs”

CNBC interview. March 19, 2018.

Our Process

Every client has their own background, its own circumstances, and its own story. While we understand that with every new client and every new business case there is a unique set of requirements, Sports D³ has developed a standardized engagement process for a project.  Our process includes the following 6 steps.



Feasibility interviews and exploratory discussions with the client’s management team to understand their needs and objectives. A general top-line definition of project requirements and scope of work. The signing of the engagement and NDA agreements.



At this stage, we do a deep dive into our client’s internal processes as well as gathering qualitative and quantitative information about the industry and existing solutions and competitive technology already deployed in the market or industry.



Consolidation and analysis of findings in search of the most optimal technology & solution. This is the most important phase of the engagement when through dedicated analysis and innovative thinking new ideas are born and take shape.



Once the ideas take shape we prepare a formal oral & PowerPoint slides presentation to a client. It includes detailed project strategy and tactical milestones: its roadmap, timeline, projected costs, compiling proper technology & legal requirements, staffing & marketing needs.



Upon the client’s approval of recommendations, our tech-team starts the development to turn the approved plan into solution, while adhering closely to pre-defined technical specifications. Together with a client, we navigate any unexpected circumstances to ensure the project stays its course at every cycle or iteration.


Follow up

In the final stage of engagement, we continue working with our clients during and after the roll-out stage by collecting client’s feedback, listening to their internal & external customers, monitoring the performance of a newly developed solution, and making necessary corrective actions to the technology to alleviate any issues.


Sports D³ pricing model has attributes of the traditional investment banking fee structure with two layers:

  • a non-refundable flat fee consulting retainer and tokenization fee to cover the up-front cost of our team, and
  • a percentage success fee dependent on the size of the transaction, type of tokens issued, and overall complexity of the token offering.

Reach out to our Tokenization Team once you are ready to discuss your tokenization project.

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