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SD³ Platform

Tokenization platform & marketplace for digital assets in the sports industry

SD³ Platform

The first comprehensive tokenization platform

for digital assets in the sports industry.

Sports D³ is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform for the sports industry, which is cheaper to operate, faster to deliver results and overall more efficient than traditional fan engagement & capital raising alternatives. It is standing at the intersection of 3 industries (Sports Industry, Financial Markets, Blockchain (DLT) Technology) and a broad society.

Sports D³ is a 360°-degree tokenization platform and a marketplace that enables sports clubs and athletes to raise capital through three different routes:

  1. Fan-Token programs and monetization of increased Fan Engagement
  2. NFTs issuance with unique E³ digital experiences, collectible merchandise & memorabilia
  3. Security Token Offerings (STOs) to raise equity/debt financing

Forrester Research:

“The Most Innovative Projects Will Involve The Tokenization Of Assets. This has nothing to do with cryptocurrencies or tokens used as a payment instrument on blockchain. Representing digital or physical assets as tokens on a DLT-based network allows participants to reinvent processes and develop new business models. This is uncharted territory from both a business and technology perspective.”

“Predictions 2019: Distributed Ledger Technology”. November 7, 2018.

The promise of DLT

Why Tokenize?

New Markets & Investors

By opening the sports industry to the broad public, millions of new investors will populate the marketplace, increase levels of fan engagement and growth of asset valuations. Newly-created liquidity and depth of the markets will significantly improve the accuracy of the price discovery mechanism and increase the overall efficiency of the markets.

Merchandising & Experiences

Clubs and Athletes can expect a new level of fan engagement through DeFi and Digital Media Content following the implementation of “E³ Experiences” through NFTs & Fan-Tokens. A fan sharing in experiences while receiving financial rewards is more loyal than a fan invested only emotionally.

Community Tools

Token-holder referendums on blockchain provide new inexpensive tools to reward loyalty with instant token distributions as well as engage the fans in the decision-making process. Management of a club can gain instant insights or leverage swarm intelligence of the fan community to make a determination on key strategic matters.

Access to Capital

Professional sports clubs & young athletes have greater flexibility in managing their cashflows by relying on additional funding streams that come from the issuance of digital tokens. Sports D³ facilitates crowd-formation of capital which enables clubs to lower their cost of capital compared to traditional funding alternatives.

24/7/365 Market Access

Participants have direct access to the market round the clock, 365 days of the year from anywhere in the world. Near-instant settlement of transactions instead of the 2-5 days in traditional capital markets. There’s no “pre-market” or “after-hours”, the market is ALWAYS ON.

Liquidity w/o Seasonality

The blockchain-powered marketplace is always ON. With 24/7/365 market access, participants can trade their assets all year round regardless of the championship schedules or transfer season, when players switch their club assignments. This enables clubs to buy and sell their assets at any time as dictated by the financial needs and strategy.

Better, Faster, Cheaper

Unique features of DLT technology offer significant advantages over traditional bankers & capital markets. This includes smart contract automation, the unprecedented degree of fractionalization of an asset w/o triggering incremental costs, its decentralized nature which eliminates the need for a central authority and redundant intermediaries.


Distributed and inclusive nature of blockchain technology amplified by its fractionalization feature empowers billions of sports teams & fans around the globe by making access to opportunities in the industry truly democratized. At last, sports teams, athletes and fan-investors are able to transact directly w/o any intermediaries and in a non-discriminatory fashion.

Regulatory Compliance

As a Crypto Assets Service Provider (CASP) Sports D³ follows the existing legal frameworks which govern various digital assets to ensure that your Token Offering is in full compliance with applicable regulations. Transparency of public blockchain provides easy access for audit and gives investors peace of mind that their record of ownership is secure and fully protected.

Tokenization Process

How it works using NFTs (ERC721/1155) & Fan-Tokens (ERC20) as an example

Every club (or athlete) has its own circumstances, its own history and its own story to tell. Sports D³ will work with you to understand your requirements and will recommend the most suitable token format as a vehicle to reach your fan-engagement or fund-raising objectives via issuance of NFTs, Utility Fan-Tokens or administering a Security Token Offering (STO). Here is an example of the steps followed during the process of issuance of the NFTs and Fan-Tokens:

Try SD³-Beta

Want to test-drive the future today? We invite you to play with and test the latest Live Beta version of the Platform linked to Ethereum Rinkeby Test Network. Click the button to schedule a conversation with our team member and schedule a demo.

We are currently working on Release 3.1 of the platform. Please, note that this is a pre-production environment, where glitches are still possible. Your feedback and comments submitted via Contact Us Form will help our development team to remove any errors, glitches, or other issues and accelerate our Go-To-Market timeline.


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