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For Fan-investors

Why become a Fan-investor?


A new level of fan-engagement

through DeFi and Digital Media Content

Sports D³ allows fan-investors to interact directly with favourite Clubs or Athletes, attend events, meetings, participate in the SD³ Community voting, purchase or earn previously unimaginable E³ experiences with their favourite Players and Teams that are likely to accrue in value.

Fans are able to support their favourite clubs in an entirely new way by purchasing Fan-Tokens (ERC20) or NFTs (ERC721/ERC1155), which entitles them to vote in community polls while getting participation rewards and making passive income.

Financial investments

through Security Token Offerings

With only 28 professional sports clubs in the world traded publicly on stock exchanges, average fans and investors are excluded from participation in this closed industry. Sports D³’s mission is to empower fans & investors around the world by giving them access to investment opportunities that were not possible before DLT technology.

DLT technology allows for an unprecedented degree of fractionalizing of the ownership rights of an asset without triggering incremental cost. This opens up new investment opportunities to fans around the globe, e.g. common shares of a sports club, equity position in a professional player’s contract, etc. and allows them to participate in the club’s/athlete’s economic success.

Fans are able to support their favorite clubs by purchasing regulated financial instruments issued by professional sports teams in the form of Security Tokens on the Sports D³ platform, such as Equity or Debt Token, which entitles fan-investor to dividend or coupon payments.

By definition, all STOs and secondary trading of financial instruments are subject to the existing securitization legal frameworks to ensure full legal protection of the investors as mandated by the regulators in the applicable jurisdictions.

World Economic Forum:

[Digitization could] “…unlock the estimated $100 trillion of value … over the next decade.”

“Unlocking $100 Trillion for Business and Society from Digital Transformation” May 2018.

Sports D³ mission is to empower sports fans & investors around the world through the use of technology by introducing the power of “D³ “ (“D-cubed”) to the sports industry, which stands for “The Future of Sports: Digitized. Decentralized. Democratized.”





Sports D³ is collaborating with sports clubs, leagues and individual athletes to digitize their assets on the blockchain (incl. Fan-Tokens, NFTs & Security Tokens) to make them equally accessible by millions of sports fan-investors, providing all industry participants with the opportunity to benefit from the cost-efficiencies of tokenized assets and smart contract automation.



The distributed nature of the DLT technology provides a decentralized record of ownership on the public ledger, which effectively eliminates the need for a central authority to guarantee the safety or accuracy of such a record. It creates an entirely new level of financial mobility for sports clubs and fan-investors. It gives them the freedom to participate in the global sports industry bypassing multiple layers of costly intermediaries, – all without sacrificing asset security & protection.



Sports D³ is determined to democratize access to opportunities by offering fully decentralized digital assets to a broad pool of global sports fan-investors without discriminating by geography, jurisdiction, size of the investable amount or other unfair criteria, while strictly following the applicable regulations and respecting asset ownership & protection rights.

PWC’s ‘Strategy&’:

“[Token Offerings] are quickly replacing traditional VC funding models, effectively cutting out the middleman by allowing companies to raise their own funds directly.”

“Initial Coin Offerings: A strategic perspective.” June 2018.

Who can be a fan-investor

and how to become one

Membership registration on the Sports D³ platform is open to fan-investors around the world without any restriction, providing them with direct access and an opportunity to engage with unique digital content or experiences from their favourite players or team. Sports fans are able to create a diversified portfolio of digital assets, including Fan-Tokens, NFTs and Security Tokens.

Residents from any jurisdiction are welcome to use the platform to the extent that is allowed by law in the applicable jurisdiction(s). To become an investor on Sports D³ Platform all investors are required to complete the following six-step process:

  1. Account setup and registration on the platform
  2. ID for KYC / AML screening and investor accreditation status verification
  3. Funding of the account
  4. Review of Token Offerings’ documentation
  5. Participation in the offering
  6. Receipt of purchased Tokens in investor’s MultiSig crypto-wallet

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