Distortion #2: Regulatory restrictions limit club’s choices in search of capital & resources.

This is really amusing, ‘cos it comes only 2 days after my write-up where I draw parallels between football and politics.

“Lavrov noted that a grand football club in Europe had to revoke its request for assistance from a Russian non-governmental organisation that is helping with medical supplies amid the pandemic after being discouraged from receiving Russian help”.

Russian: https://bit.ly/2KBIfER
English: https://lnkd.in/dV5je3Y

Wouldn’t it be great if that undisclosed ”grand football club in Europe” could just turn to millions of their loyal football fans and crowd-fund the required capital/resources, skipping the entire need to play the game of politics and rather focus on what they do best – playing the game of football?

Football (soccer) is full of economic distortions resulting in consistently unpredictable side-effects.

Very curious to hear more about this story to validate my early assumptions.

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