Distortion #1: Excess of regulatory participation in the industry puts FIFA in the shoes of a micro-manager.

Do you find football and geo-/politics to have a lot in common? In both cases ‘politicians’ tend to destroy the economic value. Let’s recap key points from today’s article in “Independent”. Mr. O’Neill:

  • complains about the drain of young talent to the Republic from N. Ireland
  • yet, not willing or able to “make an offer they can’t refuse” to keep young talent in N. Ireland
  • admits that “ultimately the choice belongs to the individual”
  • yet, is asking FIFA/UEFA to come in heavy-handed to use regulatory powers to prevent young athletes from choosing the other side.

If FIFA/UEFA follows through intervene and impose, to regulate and micromanage every little aspect, the industry as a whole would resemble China under CCP leadership rather than a free market.

We already have a ‘passport regime’ prescribed by Sec. 7 of RSTP Reg. with ‘visa stamps’ by FIFA to authorize player’s club affiliation. What’s next? … If a player is artificially restricted in his/her choice of economic terms of employment, it’s no freedom – it’s slavery & total control. This practice is even more worrisome since young athletes are involved.

Without relying on open market forces to self-regulate the industry we will continue to witness these distortions in resource allocations. Football is over-regulated already. If anything, it needs more democracy to attract smart capital to the right corners of the industry, to empower best-managed clubs retain their best talent, and unleash the full potential of the industry.

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